The North Sea Clash

Amsterdam –  Lowestoft

102 zeemijl (192KM)

Welcome to the North Sea Clash.

A very special expedition which is organized only once a year. We are searching for real team players, who are in for an unforgettable experience that will change your personal view on possibilities. The second edition of this spectacular event will take place between 28 May 2016 and 5 June 2016 depending on weather conditions.

Do you think you must be an experienced rower? Wrong. A team player, mentally strong and healthy stamina? Right.

Ralph Tuijn – one of Mister Adventure’s Misters – will guide your team through the complete process. It starts with setting up training scheme’s, row lessons and finally gets you ready for the real job: rowing the North Sea.

Learning from the best.

Ralph Tuijn is one of the greatest world professional adventures. He has traveled over more than 100.000km by bike, feet and rowboats. Some of his rowing expeditions include: crossing the Atlantic Ocean in only 51 days (world record), the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.


Safety is our highest priority. We make use of the highest quality rowboats and meet international safety requirements. Every rowboat is followed by a sailboat, during the North Sea Clash.

Mister Ralph Tuijn

Ralph’s List


  • 2x Atlantic Ocean (Holder of World Record)
  • 1x Pacific Ocean
  • 2x Indian Ocean (not completed)
  • 2x North Sea


  • 12.600km from Vladivostok – Scheveningen 12.600km
  • 12.000km from North to South Africa (World Record)
  • 3x across the Baikallake
  • The Greenland Icecap


  • Muztagh Ata, Tibetan plateau (7509 meter)
  • Aconcagua, Argentinia (6963 meter), highest mountain of the southern and western hemisphere.
  • Pico de Orizaba (5700m)


During the race, the safety and health of the rowers comes in first place. While it might look extreme and dangerous to the general public, compared to other extreme sports and challenges no sport is as safe as ocean and sea rowing. 

The ocean rowing boat model which will be used during the clash was build in 1997 and is by far the most widely used and most successful model to date. The rowboats meet international safety requirements for vessels on open water and are built using a method that gets the boat up in case it collapses. Ralph has experienced nine collapses before on both the Atlantic and Pacific ocean and without any problems the rowboats got it self up again. 

In the last 15 years no serious accidents have occurred as the safety of ocean rowing has greatly improved and of course because the technology in the field of navigation and communication within the shipping industry has quickly developed to a high standard. 

The row boats are equipped with the latest technology. On board there are two radios for short range and two satellite phones for global communications allowing contact to be made at all times. 

A Spot tracking system ensures that each quarter of an hour the exact position via satellite is automatically sent to the civilized world. This system is also equipped with a OKAY – and emergency button. On board are also EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon), which can sent emergency signals to land stations and ships. In addition, the ocean rowing boat is equipped with an AIS system with both a transponder and receiver. This system ensures that the rowboats are at any time aware of the movements of other vessel traffic around them and ensures that the rowboats are clearly visible for other watertraffic. 

The rowboats are each accompanied by its own dinghy as an extra safety precaution. Furthermore, the rowboats are equipped with a life raft, life jackets and the highest standard seat belts for ships on open oceans.

The Rowboats

During the Atlantic, the great and Indian Ocean crossing Ralph has made use of ocean rowboats of the type “Rowsell & Morrison.” This model is specially designed for ocean rowing. The hull of the boat is constructed from 6, 8 and 9 mm waterproof glued beech plywood in combination with epoxy and matting. The ocean rowboats meet international safety requirements for vessels on open water.

The ocean rowboats are equipped with modern satellite communication system besides the obligatory maritime communication systems. From this model two boats are used for the North Sea Clash.

The third rowboat is the Rannoch 10. A rowboat which has also been designed by marine architect Phil Morrison and built by Charlie Pitcher of Rannoch Adventure. The rowboat is made from a CNC milled mold of carbon, E-glass and 3D hexagonal foam resulting in extremely light, stiff, safe and strong rowboat.


  • Woodvale class 1-3 -person ocean rowboat
  • Ralph Tuijn as race coordinator 
  • Expedition related logistics and transport
  • Preparatory meetings
  • Training in oceaan rowboats
  • Training scheme and support
  • Training in safety and usage of safety equipment on board.
  • Satellite phone
  • Use of the Iridium satellite network wifi
  • Materials for everyday life
  • Baby wipes, talcum powder, Sudocrem, medical alcohol.
  • Sleeping bags, Sea to Summit dry bags, Buffs, Sunburn, Nathan drink bottles.
  • First aid kit and medical equipment
  • Rowing seats and sheepskins
  • Safety equipment.
  • Food supplies and supplements
  • Tea, coffee and other beverages
  • Insurance