Rowing the Atlantic Ocean, from Lagos to Guyana.

Are you always the one who doesn’t accept normal? Who loves raising the bar, is extremely determinant and gets exited when thinking about extreme challenges? Than this extraordinary expedition is made for you!


Rowing an ocean is accomplished without support and assistance from outside. This way,  it will be recognized as official rowing crossing. The ocean rowing boats and rowers must be fully self-sufficient which means that they must take equipment and food for the entire crossing with them.

The conditions on board are heavy, so “back to basics”. Rowers will be put to the ultimate test.  There will be no ability to walk a bit and the boat is constantly on the move. Rowers will explore nature at its best and worst. During the crossing rowers will have to deal with extreme weather, painful saltwater sores, blisters on the hands, wind, storms, ten meter high waves, marine animals and other ships!

On board there is no room for comfort, meaning there will be no shower, no toilet and limited ability to cook. The entire crossing is accomplished on a diet of high-calorie freeze-dried food packages and snacks. The rowers drink water which is generated by the watermaker aboard. In case of emergency there is a backup manual watermaker available. Rowers sleep together in a cabin which is smaller than a single bed!

  • Departure March 2016
  • 5 team members
  • World record attempt
  • Rowing boot Ranoch 45
  • 3300 Nautic miles (6000km)

All needed details

Price: Upon request.


Start in Lagos Portugal, from here 3300 nautical miles must be conquered to survive the Atlantic Ocean and to reach Guyana South America mainland.

Included in expedition:

  • Skipper Ralph Tuijn – world’s most experienced oceaan rower
  • Carbon-kevlar 5-6 persons Rannoch 45 ocean rowboat
  • Expedition related logistics and transport
  • Preparatory meetings
  • Training in oceaan rowboats
  • Training scheme and support
  • Training in safety and usage of safety equipment on board.
  • Satellite phone
  • Use of the Iridium satellite network wifi
  • Materials for everyday life
  • Baby wipes, talcum powder, Sudocrem, medical alcohol.
  • Sleeping bags, Sea to Summit dry bags, Buffs, Sunburn, Nathan drink bottles.
  • First aid kit and medical equipment
  • Rowing seats and sheepskins
  • Safety equipment.
  • Food supplies and supplements
  • Tea, coffee and other beverages
  • Insurance


Ralph Tuijn
Ralph TuijnMister Rowing

Ralph’s List


  • 2x Atlantic Ocean (Holder of World Record)
  • 1x Pacific Ocean
  • 2x Indian Ocean (not completed)
  • 2x North Sea


  • 12.600km from Vladivostok – Scheveningen 12.600km
  • 12.000km from North to South Africa (World Record)
  • 3x across the Baikallake
  • The Greenland Icecap


  • Muztagh Ata, Tibetan plateau (7509 meter)
  • Aconcagua, Argentinia (6963 meter), highest mountain of the southern and western hemisphere.
  • Pico de Orizaba (5700m)

This is just a short list of the many incredible expeditions Ralph Tuijn has accomplished.