Rotterdam – Rome


Welcome to our very special unique cycling adventure. It is an adventure that contains all elements of cycling. All sorts of terrain, delicious food, great accommodation, supports team and unique finish point.

The tour will start on the Erasmus Bridge with a stunning view on the skyline of Rotterdam. From there the trip starts towards the finish line at Piazza di Trevi. However, before thinking about the wonderfull city of Rome the focus should be first on the journey.

It is a diverse adventure whereby, different qualities are needed in a team. In the first week when paddling from the Netherlands towards Switzerland along the Rein power legs are requested tot overcome the flat but long daily distances.

After reaching the Swiss border one of the toughest highlights must be encountered: the Splugenpass. Once passed this tremendous climb the Italian view, kitchen and road there. However, don’t get reckless some steep climbs are waiting for you in the Appennini.

At the time the Vatican is in your sight, the participants have delivered an extraordinary team performance that won’t be forgotten by them.

  • Personal training schedule
  • Support by team car
  • Professional after movie
  • Unique photo report
  • Special team building package (optional)



Dag 1 – Rotterdam – Mönchengladbach (200km)

Dag 2 – Monchengladbach – Koblenz (200km)

Dag 3 – Koblenz – Speyer (155km)

Dag 4 – Speyer – Breisach am Rhein (182km)

Dag 5 – Breisach am Rhein – Stein am Rhein (200km)

Dag 6 – Stein am Rhein – Chur (150km)

Dag 7 – Chur – Menaggio (145km)

Dag 8 – Menaggio – Piacenza (150km)

Dag 9 – Piacenza – Bologna (190km)

Dag 10 – Bologna – Tavernelle val di pesa (157km)

Dag 11 – Tavernelle val di pesa – Orvieto (175km)

Dag 12 – Orvieto – Rome (152km)

 Your mister to guide

Across Europe (Mister Cycling)

  • The North Cape – Athens 5000km
  • Rotterdam – Rome 2200km
  • Breda – Barcalona 1800km
  • Breda – Veysonnaz (Swiss) 1200km 2x
  • Breda – Berlin 720km
  • Breda – Basel 670km
  • Rotterdam – Paris 540km