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 The impossible is possible

We want to give people new insights and possibilities. People can achieve beyond they think they can. In fact, we believe the impossible is possible. 

From A to B

A team must work together intensively to overcome great physical and mental challenges to get from A to B. This way, team-cohesion strengthens and the ‘together-we-can-achieve-anything-feeling’ is achieved.

New expeditions in the making!

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The Misters

The Misters are a beacon of experience, their knowledge will guide your team safely through the extremes of the expedition.

They have a range of beautiful expeditions ready for you, but are also interested in your personal desired adventure.

The Mister Blog

202, 2015

Ocean rowing

Blogpost tijdens reis over de oceaan - Een avondje vissen bij de pontjesbrug. Bij de tussenstop op Saint Lucia en het eindpunt van part 1 of the Zeeman Ocean Challenge ben ik veel dankbaarheid verschuldigd aan velen, die het project enorme ondersteuning hebben geboden. Enkele belangrijke daarvan zijn Jonathan White [...]

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