Paddle around Costa Rica

Get yourself ready for a warm water paddling experience at Curu Wildlife Refuge and Tambor Tropical, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Paddle in crystal clear water, snorkel just off white-sandy beaches, catch glimpses of sea turtles, laugh at playful monkeys and glide by huge pelicans. Catch your own meal, prepare and cook it on self build campfire. This is survival! 

This kayak expedition finds it way trough a small wildlife preserve and national park on the southern tip of Nicoya Peninsula. This location provides easy access to the park’s extensive system of hiking trails, the crystal clear waters of the Pacific, several beautiful beaches, a mangrove estuary, excellent snorkeling, the Tortuga Islands and incredible wildlife. Which includes sea turtles, monkeys and scarlet macaws.


  • Discover untouched nature
  • Camp in tents
  • Hike to remote beautiful jungle places
  • Find and catch your own food



  • Unique photo report
  • Fishing and diving
  • Professional after movie
  • Personal training schedule
  • Special team building package (optional)



4000km around Sumatra

Around Curaçao

Up the Amazone

The coast of Costa Rica

A small insight in the big surprise

Day 1 – Arrival at Hotel 

The kayak expedition begins in Tambor at the hotel. Here awaits your Mister Kayak, ready to guide the team trough the Costa Rican jungle waters. Your Mister explains what will happen in the next 6 days and gives safety instructions. After his presentation you will get into the water and start a first kayak tour to warm-up. 

Day 2 – Coastal and jungle waters

On day 2 the kayak expedition really begins. The team packs the kayaks and everyone receives a life jacket, paddle and kayak. The trip starts along the coast and arrival is at a stunning beach. From there the team goes into the jungle. After the trekking the team sets up base-camp.

Day 3 – Around the coast

In the early morning, base-camp is packed and the kayak tour continues around a set of islands in front of the coast alongside white sandy beaches.  At one of those beaches the team sets up base-camp. After setting up the camp the team goes out and around to catch food, prepare and cook it. 

Day 4 – Into the deep Jungle – part 1

The day starts with a jungle tour where additional survival techniques are taught. In the afternoon everyone gets back into the kayak and continues north and crosses clear blue waters. Again you set up the base-camp on a remote place. What will be the catch of the day?

Day 5 – Into the deep Jungle – part 2

Today the day starts with snorkeling followed by going back into the jungle. During the jungle walk a wide range of different animals can be spotted. In the afternoon the team arrives at the next campsite.

Day 6 – Back to the hotel

The team leaves the campsite and heads back to the ‘normal’ lifestyle. It is a tough end of the trip as it includes 20KM of paddling, but all worth it as the finish venue is very rewarding.

Duration: 6 days

Special features: 

Snorkeling – Camping – Hiking into the jungle – Fishing

Price: On request