We are the team behind Mister Adventure. We learned many important  lessons during our expeditions that benefit work and private life. For this reason and the beauty of nature we like to share the blessing of adventure.

Mister Adventure is an initiative of Pim Claassen, Robert Freijsen and Mark Witteman. With a clear vision Pim, Robert and Mark started Mister Adventure and soon appointed Leo Boersen as an advisor. 

With over 20 years of organizational experience our team and Misters have a great focus on safety, organizational excellence and teambuilding. All this experience was hiding behind great personalities. By bringing together all individual strengths something new was born: Mister Adventure. Together, we work passionately to create an ultimate team experience which we love to share.

Robert Freijsen


Robert Freijsen initiated Across Europe together with Pim Claassen. Robert is an entrepreneurial adventurer who constantly seeks for new challenges. He cycled more than 10.000KM through Europe, always striving for an outcome that goes beyond his own expectation. Robert is co-founder of Mister Adventure and one of the Misters within the Cycling section.

Pim Claassen


Pim Claassen is initiator of Across Europe. A cycle trip of 5000KM from the Nordkapp to Athens. Together with a team of 6 cyclists, it took Pim only 26,5 days to master the East European track. Pim grew up partially in the Swiss Alpes and from 2007-2008 he was a ski teacher in Vancouver, Canada. Pim is co-founder of Mister Adventure and hungry for new exploration. Pim is one of the Misters within the Cycling section.

Mark Witteman

Operational & Co-Founder

Mark Witteman is founder of the Mister Group and partner of Mister Adventure. Mark has a wide network within the travel business and strives to operational excellence. Mark has mastered the Alpe D’huez 5 times and completed a 1000KM cycling tour through 5 European countries. 

Leo Boersen


Leo Boersen – 67 – is a former partner of the law firm AKD. He graduated from Radboud University Nijmegen in 1974 and thereafter continued his studies in Toronto, Edinburgh and London. He became a lawyer in 1976.

In addition to practising law, he was keen to undertake many cycling adventures, which makes him the perfect advisor to Mister Adventure. Leo has cycled extensively in all corners of the world and the pinnacle of all these adventures has been the cycle tour from Vladivostok to Scheveningen in 2003.

He is one of the Misters within the cycling section.